Harrow General Elections

Harrow Green Party have stood parliamentary candidates in the last three General Elections - 2010, 2015 and 2017 - in the constituencies of Harrow East and Harrow West.  Please see below current parliamentary candidate information and previous election results. 


Harrow Green Party GE Results 2019

Please see below our Green Party parliamentary candidate results in the 12th Decemeber 2019 snap General Election:

Harrow West - Rowan Langley 1109 votes / 2.3% / +1.0
Harrow East - We did not stand a candidate. Click here for Emma Wallace's statement on withdrawing her candidacy.


Harrow Green Party GE Results 2017

Election Night 2017

Harrow East General Election Results 2017 - Emma Wallace 771 votes / 1.5% / -0.2% (turn out 50 845) 

Harrow West General Elections Results 2017 Rowan Langley 652 votes / 1.3% / -1.5% (turn out 50 355)


Harrow Green Party GE Results 2015

Harrow GP members on Election Night

Harrow Green Party members on Election Night in Harrow, 2015


Harrow East General Election Results 2015 - Emma Wallace 846 votes / 1.7% / +0.1% (turn out 49 000 - 69%)

Harrow West General Elections Results 2015 - Rowan Langley 1310 votes / 2.8% / +0.7% (turn out 46 630 - 67%)


Harrow Green Party GE Results 2010

Harrow East General Election Results 2010 - Madeleine Atkins 793 votes/ 1.7% / N/A (turn out 48 006 - 67.1%)

Harrow West General Election Results 2010 - Rowan Langley 625 votes / 1.4% / N/A (turn out 46 116 - 67.6%)


Previous General Election Candidates

Across the country the country the Green Party more than trippled its results in 2015 gaining 1.157 million votes on May 7th, up from 265K votes in 2010.  In Harrow we also increased our votes in both constituencies with our candidates Emma Wallace in Harrow East and Rowan Langley in Harrow West.  

 Both Emma and Rowan worked hard to get the Green message out to Harrow consistuents, delivering over 7000 campaign leaflets, representing the Green party in nine local hustings, running three campaign stalls in central Harrow.  Local members provided invaluable support in the lead up to the elections and that is reflected in the election results.  Please read below for a brief biography on each candidate and see here for an interview about the issues that matter most to them.

Emma Wallace

Emma has lived in the borough of Harrow for eight years and works as a school librarian. 

Emma says "I have experienced at first hand the vital public services, the wide array of cultural events and the green, open spaces accessible to all in the borough.  I am proud to have been selected for Harrow East and would aim to make sure the borough continues to be a dynamic, open and multicultural place to live. The Green Party is committed to fighting social inequality and injustice and I would work to represent all living in the borough, not just the privileged few."

In the news

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Rowan Langley

Rowan Langley moved to Harrow from Yorkshire in 1997.  He is an electrical engineer. He has worked for both for large organisations and run his own business. If asked he would describe himself as a “Practical Shade of Green” putting 10,000 watts of solar power on the roof of the old Bermondsey library, 30,000 watt system for a school roof in Croydon and been part of designing and building a Grade A energy efficient building in Scotland. Rowan's key priorities are affordable housing, tackling air pollution and climate change, fair wages, and a publicly owned rail system.  

Rowan says “People have been let down time and again. From the closure of our libraries and A&E wards to the privatisation of schools and council services From the displacement of communities from social housing to the eviction of families due to the bedroom tax. All the big three parties are responsible.” 

In the News

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