Get Involved

Harrow Green Party is looking to expand and increase our presence in the borough and we need your help to make it happen! Please see below one of the ways you can get involved in Harrow Green Party.


We always welcome volunteers to help with our campaigning work. Could you help deliver our newsletters to your street, or go out with our campaign team and speak to local residents about their concerns? We are particularly keen to find more volunteers with fundraising experience or web design, press, research and administrative skills. Whatever your level of experience and however much or little time you can give, we would love to hear from you.

One more Labour, Lib Dem or Conservative MP won't make a big difference, but a Green MP could make the world of difference.  Contact for more information about ways you can get involved.

Harrow Greens Campaigning

Join the Green  Party

As a member, you can be as active as you like - from armchair and online support to standing as a candidate for election.

We meet on the first Wednesday of the month, 7.00pm - location varies. All members and supporters welcome. 


Sign up for updates

Get regular news and campaign alerts from the Greens by signing up for our regular e-mail updates from Harrow Green Party. Messages are sent about once a month - slightly more often at election times. Sign up here. We're committed to keeping your email address safe, and won't pass it on to anyone else. Alternatively, join our facebook group here. 


If you don't have much spare time at the moment, but would still like to help, why not make a donation? Your donation will help us stand more candidates for more elections, and help the party do more to support the work of our members across the country.

Harrow Green Party members are hard at work all year round - delivering leaflets, sweating over press releases and navigating crumbling basement staircases as they canvass for support in forthcoming elections. And this is work that should produce results, but hard labour, great representatives, and policies to tackle climate change, social injustice and the drive to war are not enough - the Green Party campaign also needs cash to deliver its message effectively.

It costs £20 to print 100 glowing green window posters, £200 to print a ward newsletter, £1,000 to rent a shop for the election period.

We in the Green Party don't have dodgy billionaire donors, we don't take dirty money from big businesses, we're not in the pockets of media barons, but that means that we do have to ask our supporters and party members to dig deep, to contribute as much as you can.

YOUR CASH could be the contribution that takes us over the line. You can do that easily and simply by sending a cheque to the address above. In order to comply with election law, you need to be on the electoral register and to give us your name and address.


Harrow Green Drinks

Harrow Green Drinks is on the 22nd of every month, meeting at The Oddfellows arms in Pinner and starting at 7.30pm. It's not party political - anyone with an interest in green issues is welcome, but there are normally a few Green Party members there, so do come along and meet us!

Harrow Green Party's Constitution

We have recently updated our constituion, to read the full document please click here.