4 October 2015

Harrow GP meeting 7th October

The next Harrow Green Party meeting is on Wednesday 7th October, meeting at 7pm in the Kingsfield Arms. All members and supporters are welcome.

We will have Adam McGibbon, the Green Party 2016 campaigns coordinator, and the Harrow and Brent GLA returns officer, Martin Francis, joining us to discuss the Greater London Authority (GLA) elections next year. We will be planning on how to best deliver the latest 'London Green News' in our target wards and we will also hear back from members who attended the Green Party's recent autumn conference in Bournemouth.

Bournemouth GP Autumn Conference 2015

Meeting Agenda

  1. Welcome to Adam McGibbon and Martin Francis
  2. Brent and Harrow constituency assembly member - call for nominations
  3. Harrow Green Party AGM recap :  Coordinator – goals and targets 2015-2016 / Local Members Secretary – ways to engage members / Treasurer – ways to fundraise
  4. Target to win and the delivery of ‘London Green News’
  5. News from the London Fed meeting / Green Party autumn conference
  6. Upcoming local/national events
  7. AOB