13 October 2015

Harrow Green Party - Action Day!

Harrow Green Party has a day of action planned for Saturday 31st October.  This will be a great opportunity for volunteers to come along, meet other interested Green folk and help deliver the latest 'London Green News'  to Harrow residents.  We will be delivering the Autumn 2015 edition of 'London Green News' in our target ward, Headstone South.  As the Green Party's 2016 campaigns managed Adam McGibbon says "This is a really important edition as it lets London know who our Mayoral candidate is and what the Greens stand for in this upcoming GLA election. This is our first opportunity to do that."

Please let Emma Wallace know if you can come along and help - however much time you have to spare will be much appreciated.  We will be meeting at 1.30pm at Emma Wallace's flat in North Harrow, where we will be dividing up the newsletters and then going out on the streets to deliver.

Please email Emma Wallace at emma.wallace@greenparty.org.uk to confirm your attendance and the meeting address.

London Green News

November Meeting

Our next official Harrow Green Party meeting is on Wednesday 11th November from 7pm at the Kingsfield Arms - all welcome.  Items on the agenda include:

  • Campaigning to support the Green GLA Brent and Harrow Constituency Assembly member
  • Plans to attend the People's Climate March on Sunday 29th November
  • Planning a Harrow GP Christmas social

Kind regards,

Emma Wallace

Harrow Green Party Coordinator



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