"Reviewing the EU Withdrawal"

2 April 2019

Please find below a letter from our prospective Green Party parliamentary candidate for Harrow West, Rowan Langley


Reviewing the EU Withdrawal

When a householder enters into a contract in their home, the law gives them protection from unscrupulous businesses which employ high pressure selling tactics or dishonest or exaggerated claims by allowing a review period during which the customer may cancel that contract and have any monies paid over refunded.

In a process as important as the form of the UK's future relations with its 27 nearest neighbours and trading partners, and the risks involved with the major changes to that relationship brought about by leaving the European Union, is it not right that the electorate has not been given a similar protection and review period? As the benefits costs, opportunities and risks become clearer as the negotiation process has progressed, shouldn't the country have that same right to review and have the final say, to have the equivalent of those options marked “Confirm”, “Review” or “Cancel”, which are found on nearly every on-line store or software upgrade/install process?

The Green Party is committed to giving the country that final say, that equivalent of the householder’s right to cancel and the online purchase system’s “Proceed” or "Cancel” options and as the Green Party's Prospective parliamentary Candidate for Harrow West I am committed to this important commitment in Green Party Policy.


Rowan Langley


Green Party Prospective parliamentary Candidate for Harrow West 

Email: Rowan.langley@renewable-energy-works.co.uk


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