17 October 2020

Harrow Green Party are very pleased to announce that Barratts, developers of the Kodak site in Harrow, have officially withdrawn their planning application (P/2661/20) to remove 26 trees along Harrow View Road. After leading a campaign against the removal of these mature trees, with over 350 people submitting objections against the application, Harrow Greens are delighted that the developers have recognised the importance of these trees and acted accordingly.

Emma Wallace, GLA Green Party candidate for Brent and Harrow said "This is fantastic news for Harrow, ensuring that the trees continue to provide a green welcome to people travelling along this busy thoroughfare, continue to support the local ecosystem and wildlife, and help limit air pollution, both now and into the future.This campaign proves that community action can work when acting together, standing up for our local area and the vital wildlife and green spaces we still have in Harrow. I hope that Barratts will now ensure that they look after these trees and that any maintenance carried out is completed carefully and sympathetically, ensuring the overall health of these trees is preserved."

Published on the Wembley Matters blog on 9th October 2020.

Read the Harrow Times article, Green Party campaign saves mature trees in Harrow View, published on14th October 2020.


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